Last Roses of Summer

Pink Saturday 7/31/2010 and Only I Can Be This Stupid!

Happy Pink Saturday and thank you to Beverly of How Sweet the Sound for hosting this event. I visited with Suzanne of Shabby Chicks, Jamie at Him, Me and Our Three, and Spindle Cottage.

The subtitle to this post could also be "Shopping th' House" also. You'll see when you get to the bottom photos.

Remember these little pink things I showed you the other day? Well, I had an idea in mind that I've seen a couple of other places, probably a LOT of other places, but I've only seen them in one other blog and they were done up in tissue paper or old dress pattern paper or something like that. I decided to dye coffee filters and put them up in the living room. I almost killed myself! Love Bunny was teaching a class that day and not around so I went ahead and did it myself.

First off, I strung a couple of hundred of them on a long string of yarn. I think I'll do more soon so they'll probably show at the very end of this post. Being too lazy to go grab a ladder, I climbed onto this feather-filled sofa. (Have you ever tried to walk on a soft feather sofa? Do NOT try this at home!)

Too droopy for me so I had to tighten up the yarn. I'd forgotten how forgiving yarn is.

Then little Miss Priss here decided to stand on the arm with one foot and on the back of the sofa with the other foot. Read the last sentence above the first photo. *Wink*

One side of the yarn wrapped around one foot and the other side wrapped around the table leg below. Read the last sentence above the first photo again.

I didn't end up on the floor on my back only because my guardian angel was watching over me. Okay, so I tightened it up a bit but think I need a tighter grip on the yarn.

And no matter how red it looks to you here, I can assure you the color is definitely pink!

Okay, fast forward to the next day and here I am but with a ladder this time. I dyed more coffee filters. You'll have to trust me when I say that in the house you can see very, very little difference in the new ones I dyed last night and put up on the left. I have no idea why they look red in this photograph. But I did, however, spend the evening dyeing about 200 more of them. After drying overnight and a bit more in the sun this morning, I hung them up.

I then went along and scrunched them with my hands, just grabbed several at a time and scrunched good and tight. I like that look much better. They don't look so much like a disker that the farmers around here use. ;-)

View from left.

I like the little taste of pizzazz it adds to the area.

Then after risking life and limb hanging the garland, I decided to shop the house again and switch out some pillows. These were in the family room. My rooms are ever evolving/changing. Now, remember that I have new white duck slipcovers coming! That will make a huge difference in this room I think.

I still haven't redone the coffee table. That will come soon.

I love the look of these pillows and with the new slipcovers even more so.

I've been thinking: Should I paint the lamps white? What do you chicks think? And I apologize for so many photos but I just wanted you all to see them well enough that you might want to do it somewhere in your little cottages.

A New Meme for Froufrou Friday

It's time for a new meme, chicks! Back on a June post Because Froufrou Counts I mentioned this and at that time received nine emails from women who were interested. I also mentioned that I wouldn't start it until a friday in July. Well, since we only have one more friday—this one—and Love Bunny has dragged me off to the wilds of Idaho and wilds of Oregon for camping and my kids are here at this moment I thought it was time to do it. (I'm composing this on 7/24/10, just so you know.)

With that being said, here are the rules.You post something on a friday that is froufrou or feminine (you decide) and then you have to put this button on your sidebar. Only the original nine will be on there unless you email me when you see the logo on the sidebar. I'll begin a list. I'm not using linky at first, if ever. I'll decide later on. I like the list better. To contact me, check the sidebar for "Email Me" and drop me a line. Easy peasy!

The code is appearing on the sidebar for bloggers wanting to join to snag and put on their sidebar. It must appear on your sidebar. (And I will check.) If you don't know how to do this, email me and I'll help you put the code on. So please put it there to encourage others to share their froufrou.

Here is the list so far:
Jenn at Pretty Petals
Sherry at Country Wings in Phoenix
Jil at Say It with Roses
Laura at Decor to Adore
Jillian at Bella Rosa Antiques
Pat at The Urban Chic
Dana at Sinderella Studio
Tina at One Wild Swan
Kirsty at Kirsty Girl 7

So there you have it. Just email me WITH AN EMAIL to respond and put you on my mailing list, which will never, ever be used for spam. I'll ask each week if you are participating or not. You will be on there IF you respond via the email, not by leaving me a comment! Links will be here on this blog on fridays. If I don't hear from you I can't very well include you on the list for that friday. I think it will be fun.

Buying a Bed For Your Home

Master Bedroom Furnitures
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Master Bedroom Furnitures
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Master Bedroom Furnitures
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Fundamental Element of Modern Home Interior Designs

Fundamental Element of Modern Home Interior Designs
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A Abreast Look

Fundamental Element of Modern Home Interior Designs
Most of the accessories and appliance acclimated in avant-garde architectonics are fabricated from a aggregate of stainless steel, glass, artificial and leather, authoritative for a actual abreast look. However, copse elements are additionally a nice accession to any avant-garde room. The rich, aphotic tones of walnut and amber can abate the atmosphere in the breadth and they accompaniment the aloofness of metal and added avant-garde materials.

Speaking of metal, no avant-garde home autogenous architectonics is complete after its allotment of brownish elements. Stainless animate in assuredly the best accepted best today, conceivably because of the almost low cost, but there are additionally added metals that assignment finer in a avant-garde environment. Brushed nickel chiffonier handles and chrome attic lamps for instance, are consistently accomplished highlights. In general, any metal that is glassy and agleam will be a absolute fit in any avant-garde home.

Modern Affair Color

Fundamental Element of Modern Home Interior Designs
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Concept of Modern Furniture Designs

 Concept of Modern Furniture Designs
Modern apparatus architecture recognizes the role of apparatus as actuality added than aloof accoutrement for specific use. Adequate architecture heavily depended on the cultural and abstruse acclimatization of the users. The added adult a being is, the added adult were his appliances. The amusing and bread-and-butter chic additionally bent the acumen of assorted models and stereotypes for home fittings, accessories and accessories.

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 Concept of Modern Furniture Designs
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Cost of the artefact may arrest or animate the uptake of a model. A antithesis needs to be addled amid profits to the merchant and the availability of the artefact to the client. Most bartering vendors are acquainted of the drivers of avant-garde apparatus designs. Personal space, advances in technology, ability and traditions, ecology attention and costs are some of the above active factors. The bow-shaped shaped bright bottle adapted with adequate beanbag is an archetype of minimalist capacity that seeks to accommodate added amplitude in a beneath ample setting. A avant-garde home buyer is consistently absorbed in bringing accord amid his/ her domiciliary goods. Decoration of the home is an art that charge anxiously accede adequate autogenous architecture standards, and the alignment of the apparatus should not be haphazard. There should be accord in blush arrangement and style.

The Dew Is Still on the Roses

This morning I went out to the rose garden while the dew was still on the roses and snipped a bunch for another bouquet in the house today. I also seemed to have brought a few bugs in with me. But I thought I'd share them with you along with some random thoughts.

Aren't they just lovely? Nothing can make the human heart soar like beautiful roses fresh from the garden.

And here is where they went in the house today.


Random Thoughts:

Vulgarity is often the first step down the road to indulgence. To be vulgar is to give offense to good taste or refined feelings. It is only a step from vulgarity to obscenity.

French fries are the vehicle I use to get my fix of catsup.

Can someone tell me where the terms yada, yada, yada and blah, blah, blah came from? Terrible grammar. I usually say "and so forth" but never, ever blah or yada.

Does anyone know how they determine fiber in fruits? This inquiring and inquisitive mind would like to know.

Wouldn't you hate to be the model for a Life Lock ad for a predator?! Yikes...

Though it would be comforting to think that galaxies revolve around me; I am NOT the center of the universe. Hubby told me this once a very long time ago and it absolutely stunned me! I am NOT kidding. It was a very real eye opener. I wonder if he takes delight in bursting my bubbles. Hmmmmmm.....

I saw this ad on a news site the other day and just stared in wonder at it. Truthfully, I'm not sure I "get" it!


Garage Sale-ing!

I just want to take a minute to tell those of you who use Cutest Blog on the Block for your templates that this is the way your blog is showing to me. A photobucket deleted photo right smack in the middle of the blog. I was visiting a blogger I've never been to before and noticed this was happening. I believe this is because her template is the Minima stretch but using the Cutest Blog on the Block is doing this. Just be careful. I've come across this once before in the past day or so. I don't want to embarrass her, surely since I'm viewing her blog for the first time. Just be careful what you do!

You know it's truly pathetic when you go garage sale-ing in your own stuff when you're having a garage sale yourself. I cannot believe the stuff I have and the stuff I'd forgotten that I have! Yesssssss, this is true. And we've only put a dent in the garage attic.

The neighborhood garage sale was on a friday and saturday. The first day of a garage sale is usually the best, so we could have just closed it down at about noon on saturday because there weren't many people after that and very few before that.

As Love Bunny was getting the stuff out of the garage attic—where it was at least 120°—he told me, as I was looking longingly at some melmac plates, that I could keep anything I wanted. I didn't have to get rid of the 30+ plates I had out there. But I told him no. I was determined to bite the bullet and go through with it. Sigh...

Okay, we know what happened, don't we? Yep, I couldn't help myself. I grabbed a few pink and aqua plastic plates because I've gone "retro" lately. I mean I'm doing the melmac and plastic thing. China is put away for another time.

Then he opened up the box with the candle holders and napkin rings and that's when I lost it!

My mom gave me these and while I'm not that sentimental, I love the look of them.

These sterling silver candlesticks were a wedding gift. I can't remember who, but no matter. I'm keeping them. The other ones are cute so I've decided to keep them also. Maybe another time I can get rid of them.

I sat and polished them on saturday night and watched as their brilliance started showing through as I took the silver polish on gauze to them. Hubs ran out to the garage and got me a toothbrush he uses for tiny work and brought it in for me to polish the intricate parts. Beautiful. I just couldn't let anyone else have them.

This terrycloth tablecloth with roses tugged at my heart. I thought hmmmmm, that wouldn't take up much space in a drawer and it is beautiful.

LB told me I didn't have to sell these plates either since I'd probably never find melmac like them ever again. Off the table and into the house went about half of them. Just keeping a few to use and for the eye candy they provide.

A beautiful rose bowl, maybe a punch bowl but since we have a crystal one bought 40 years ago I thought I'd get rid of this one. Nope! We decided to sell the crystal punch bowl with 12 cups and a ladle and keep this one for "just fun and memories." I think a young man gave it to us after we were baptized. Can't remember.

Now really, how could I part with something so beautiful. It truly is lovely and the memory is so sweet I'd rather get rid of the other one than this one.

And this sweet little dish that hubby bought at a beloved neighbor's estate sale because he thought I'd love it and like its style. I don't particularly like it, but it continues to grow on me.

Love Bunny assures me there are at least 35-40 rugs up there that have to go. We'll see. ;-)
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