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Making Humdrum Chores Fun

There is no such thing as a humdrum chore. It is our attitude that affects us. As I've said before, I find joy in the mundane things around the house because of the way I approach it. If I have ironing to do, I may take a bit longer to do it, but I go about it cheerfully. It's a difficult chore if one has a bad back, so I "break it into periods of time." I'll iron a few shirts and then come in on the computer and do something, then go back to it and take another "break" when I'm feeling as though I need one. Same with most things. If it is boring to you, it is only because you make it so. Make them fun to do.

I usually have a drink with me when coming to my office; although, I never put the liquid on my desk. It sits behind me on a credenza. This I learned from spilling a glass of mango/orange juice into my keyboard! Never ever again. Always on the credenza.

If you have to write some correspondence then, put soothing music on and a flower on your desk and write! If you have something you absolutely detest doing, just do it. There is nothing to it but to do it. It'll pass quickly and you'll have gotten the chore done. :-) Always have a positive attitude whatever you are doing. Find the "joy" in it.
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