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"Pink Saturday" June 28th!

I guess by now I don't have to tell you that PINK is my favorite color. I thought for today we'd go through some of the things in my home up close and personal! Explanations will be below each photo.

Decals I made and put on my kitchen pantry.

My fridge doesn't contain inane stuff; I don't allow it. I want only the things that are pleasing to the eye. I made these little magnets for the fridge door except for the Joann one. I use that because it's PINK and because it is the most "magnetic" magnet I've ever had - very strong! I have that one and a purple one and can't find them at Joanns any more. But the calendar is essential for keeping track of my Love Bunny/hubs schedule. Do NOT believe that when kids leave home it improves. They lied; it doesn't!!
Pink petal cake I made that graces my family room, a pink box I store things in and a glimpse of a sweet pillow in there also.

A bouquet of pink, yellow and white roses with the most unusual texture and feel I've ever felt. They almost feel like rubber and are NOT fragile at all. I purchased them a long time ago and have not been able to find any more of them, but they are NICE.

A little pink Christmas or Holiday tree I made that never sold. I love it and it has my first attempt at HP roses on an old piece of wood. Can you imagine someone NOT buying this adorable little creation from me???? *Smile*................. ;-)

This is a little wreath I found in Oregon years ago. Another lovely texture - I'm a very tactile person, little chickadees, and need to touch anything that doesn't say "Hands Off"! But I love it and won't ever part with it.

This is an original painting by a sweet friend of mine in my ebay group - Lorena - and it's a hand painted holiday stocking in the shabby chic style! She has lovely paintings and has even done a "special order" for me with a bathroom shelf. I know you would never be disappointed in her items. They are fantastic. So go take a look at her.

A tabletop vignette I have. I just pizzazzed up the round coffee table by putting on a vintage Wilendur tablecloth in pink clover and lime ribbons! I am an adventurous women, I tell ya. But it just "perks" up that room so much. I have it so might as well use it instead of sticking it back in a cupboard or shelf somewhere.

A lovely down filled Scandia pillow I purchased years ago in California at the Valley Fair Mall in San Jose - absolutely, unequivocally my favorite mall in the world! I miss it and will probably request that my daughter take me to it when we're down there next week. It has a Crabtree & Evelyn store and I LOVE their fragrances! Plus many "upscale" stores in the mall. Just delightful. But this pillow is among my favorites.

This toile is among the top 5 of my all time favorite fabrics. It's very hard to find but I manage! :-) I've ordered some more to make the LR curtains a bit fuller than they are because I used every single bit of this fabric I had to make them tuesday night!

I have 2 little hangers that are similar that I have taken with me whenever we've moved. They just bring joy to me when I hang a coat or shirt on them. One is this rose and the other one is a fan. I'll show that one next week perhaps. I've said I only have things of beauty in my home and I stick to that pretty much 99.9% of the time. But for me it's pretty hard to find "beauty" in power tools! Hubby insists though.....what's a chick to do?!?!?!

A little ceramic container I decoupaged last week, a Putz house purchased at an antique store and a bell I decoupaged also. Just sweet visual effects - "eye candy" - around my home. Makes my heart happy and puts a smile on my face.

A sign I made from a piece of virgin redwood we saved from our prior home. It just means a lot to me and it hang on my trellis divider in LR/DR.

These are just some tags and creations people who love and adore me sent to me. ;-) I am truly blessed to have women who think so much of me that they help adorn my home with their lovely creations!

A little clothespin bag I made today and put on my selling blog - La Maison Rose (The Pink House) to sell and added a little surprise to go along with it for the celebration of my 300th post this week! You might want to check it out, my little pink cupcakes.
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