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Vintage Chippy Spice Rack

WOW! A sweet aussie chick came up with a grand idea and it's doable! The lettering can be changed so I can add the world "Glitter" if you want for all you "glitter bugs"! If you buy it the choice is yours what you want on there: Spices or Glitter or whatever you want that will fit in that space!!!.

Isn't this cute? I was going to keep it but I looked around my kitchen and there was absolutely no place for it! I'm disappointed but I'll sell it on my other blog - La Maison Rose.

I call my kitchen, actually my whole house, a "senior" house, my little cherubs, because the kitchen barely accommodates 2 of us and I usually throw hubs out! It's a good size, just not the type for 2 cooks and you KNOW who stays!!! The "primary prep area" is in the corner and the dishes/glasses are above that. We just get in each other's way. I'm truly trying to figure out how to remedy this problem. Nuuuuuuu, I ain't let "the hubs" cook! Have you ever heard of "scrapple"??!!! Well, he likes that stuff and we can't get it out here in the west. It's a Pennsylvania "specialty" and I use that term verrrrry loosely!!! And he'd completely destroy my stove!

If anyone can think of any other use for it, I might just keep it, but I put "Spices" on it!! Aaaarrrghh....... Grumble, grumble............

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